“Hi! I’m Aurora Winter, the founder of The Grief Coach Academy. Now I don’t speak for a fee so you wouldn’t think that James would have had an enormous impact on my life and on my income. When I had my one day with him he said, “Do you know what people really want? They don’t want the long term one year package, they want rapid relief” and he was so right. So I had that a-ha and sure enough the rapid relief is what people wanted. But I just finished my recent book. I was at a mastermind with James and again he changed my life because he said, “You know you need to have speed in the title.” So I changed the title from the peace method which is like okay to Grief Relief in 30 minutes. How to Use the Peace Method to Go from Heartbreak to Happiness. This guy is amazing. Even if you’re not a speaker for fee he’s got the goods. He’s quick; he is amazing with the marketing and I can personally attest that he has really changed my bottomline. Thank you.”

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