“Hey Barry Spencer from Alpharetta, Georgia www.BarryHSpencer.com. I am here today at my 5th James Malinchak Big Money Speaker® Boot Camp where I get the most phenomenal content for me as a speaker, author, marketer, and entrepreneur that just absolutely blows me away every time. I’ve gotten more nuggets here than I have in all of the other previous ones combined. He is a phenomenal person and I will tell you that this is what is amazing to me is how amazing and genuine person he is to not only deliver amazing content but generally want to help you succeed as he has me. if you have even thought about going to get coaching, going to get mentoring, going to a Boot Camp or a workshop to learn the business, to learn the marketing, to learn speaking then James is your guy. You shouldn’t hesitate to see him, go to him, and learn every chance you get from James Malinchak. I will tell you that I because of James Malinchak am a Big Money Speaker®.”

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