“Hello! My name is Bill Hensley, author of The Pilot Learning Leadership. My website is pilotleadership.com and I was making a comment to one of the people who organizes the event here and he asked me to come over here and the reason is this. I told him you guys need to have an endless supply of pens. I’ve never been to an event where I have literally run out of ink in 2 pens. I’m a supersonic jet pilot and the content that I am receiving here is like flying a supersonic jet nonstop in full afterburner for 4 days. When I looked at the schedule I thought it was long and I might go out for a 10 minute break. I’m afraid to step out of the room because if you leave for 10 minutes you’re going to lose a tremendous amount of content so I’ve been here every step of the way and in fact I don’t want it to end, even if we end at 9 or 10 o’clock at night I don’t want it to end. My name is Bill Hensley www.pilotleadership.com from San Diego, California and I am a Big Money Speaker®.”

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