Hey. Coach Korn here, Brad Korn from Kansas City of www.coachkorn.com. Basically, I just want to talk to you about Masterminds for a second. You know what a Mastermind is. It’s a bunch of smart people that get together and they share ideas. Here’s what I’ll tell you about a Mastermind. You’ve heard this before. You’re the average of the six people you hang around. When you come to a Malinchak Mastermind event, I’m telling you the people that we hang around in these rooms are unbelievable. I want to be half of the average of the group that I’m hanging out with. The ideas are unbelievable. So you’ve got to get into Masterminds. If you really want to get some meat, get some actual plans from people that are out there doing it every day. Masterminds will make it happen for you.

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