Steve Shallenberger Endorses James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker Boot Camp

I’m Steve Shallenberger with and this tremendous Big Money Speaker event with James Malinchak is five stars and it is worth every bit of the investment that we’ve made in it.

Stephen Howard Shares Why He Comes Back to James Malinchak’s Speaking Events

I’m Stephen Howard, a former college player at De Paul University; NBA player with Utah Jazz, Seattle Supersonics and San Antonio Spurs. I now work at ESPN as a college basketball analyst and Fox Sports as an NBA analyst at the New Orleans Hornets, New Orleans Pelicans. And I’m here at James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker Event. This is my third event. James Malinchak is the bomb. If you want to learn how to make money speaking, if you want to learn how to make money in your niche, James Malinchak is the guy to do that. I’ve bought his programs. I’ll be back again.

Whenever I need to refine my craft and get better, learn more, I come to James Malinchak’s events. He brings in amazing speakers, amazing content (actually too much content). James, you’ve got to slow down a little bit. My mind is about to blow up, alright? But James Malinchak, he’s the man. I love it and I’m going to continue to come because he’s got the best events in the industry. Thanks a lot James.

Stephen Bardo Shares Why You Can’t Afford to Miss the Opportunity to Get to the Next Level in Your Business by Attending a Big Money Speaker Boot Camp

I’m Stephen Bardo, college basketball announcer for ESPN. That’s my day job but my real job is trying to develop into being a speaker and I’m here at James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker Boot Camp. And this is my second one and the first one was overwhelming because he over delivers the information, the people that come in to speak. This is my second one but Joe Theismann, Stedman Graham are just unbelievable speakers, unbelievable networking.

If you’re serious about taking your speaking to the next level you can’t afford not to be here at James’ events and they continue to get better and better. And pretty soon they’re going to be sold out. So you’d better get on it quick you’re not going to find a better teacher, a better coach, a better mentor to take you to the next level. Thank you, James, for all that you did.

Stedman Graham George Endorses James Malinchak and all the Work he does Teaching People on how to Become Big Money Sppeakers

My name is Stedman Graham George and I teach development and I teach it to people all over the world. I teach them how to find out who they are and I’m happy to speak of James’ event and help people take information, make it relevant to their heart and soul, their purpose in life, transfer to their minds, and transfer it to the American Free Enterprise system or the global market.

And he helped so many people teach them how to become Big Money Speakers and Become Professional at what they do. He works hard to show them the process which is what I agree. I agree upon that there’s a process for success and when you understand the process of success then you can put it together. And James does a great job in doing that. So I’m just glad to be here and I appreciate all the work that he does to help so many people.

Rob Shallenberger Shares Why You Need to Attend a James Malinchak Boot Camp

Hi, my name is Rob Shallenberger. I’m the CEO of Becoming Your Best. You could find us on I just wanted to mention that this is my second boot camp with James. We’re also a coaching client. We work with Fortune 500 companies around the world. We work with individuals, organizations, and public and private workshops. What James has to offer is absolutely incredible. If you’re a person whether you’re a speaker, you want to improve your marketing skills or you just want to get to a better place, I highly recommend attending James’ boot camp, an amazing experience, and what I promise you’ll never forget. Have a great day and good luck in all your ventures. I wish you the greatest success.

Michael Dorsey from The Biggest Loser Shares his Experience at the Big Money Speaker Boot Camp

Hello everybody! I am Michael Dorsey. I am from NBC’s The Biggest Loser and I am here at James Malinchak’s speaker’s boot camp and I have been wanting to be at this boot camp for several years. And so for me to actually be here is definitely an incredible experience. Just the first day blew me away like I had to go back to my room and just take a quick nap. I just couldn’t fathom everything that was spoken just about how I need to start looking at me as a speaker and a way of looking at it as a business, not just as speaking in general.

So I’m definitely excited about taking a lot of these principles back with me to Baltimore. I’ll definitely look at the things that I’m doing in a different way now. I’m really excited about the possibilities. So thank you, James for everything that you’ve given so far. We’re not even halfway there yet so I’m excited.

Joe Malarkey Shares Why he is Attended his Second Big Money Speaker Boot Camp

Hi! I’m George Campbell, probably better known as Joe Malarkey, the worst motivational speaker in America and oddly enough in NSA’s Speaker Hall of Fame. Who knew? This is the second event that I’ve done with James and I love coming to these because I get as much as a participant from it as I do as a presenter. As a matter of fact, the first time I was here I got one idea from James that I have implemented and it has been one of the best ideas that I have ever used and it has made me more profitable and it has increased my level of fun – and I like both those things so that’s it for me.

Kory Minor Recommends People to Attend a James Malinchak Big Money Speaker Boot Camp

Hey, Kory Minor here, a former NFL linebacker and an entrepreneur. I’ve just been to James Malinchack’s Big Money Speaker event. Actually, there are amazing great ideas and strategies for going to be a big speaker, a consultant, a coach, or a seminar leader. I advise anyone to come to this event and come ASAP – great information and great knowledge and most importantly the people in network sharing is amazing – awesome event.

Jack Canfield Endorses James Malinchak and the Work he Does Sharing at his Big Money Speaker Boot Camp

Jack: Hi, I’m Jack Canfield. You may know me as the co-author for the Chicken Soup for The Soul series, the book Success Principles, and as a featured teacher in the movie The Secret. I’m here with my good friend and colleague, we’ve authored the book together, a wonderful guy, James Malinchak, and he is doing his work Big Money Speaker Boot Camp. Learn how to monetize this message that you have for the world.

Most of us have messages where we want to make a difference, if we want to change the world in some way, uplift people, empower people, to live their dreams whether it’s speaker, an author, a coach, a trainer, whatever it might be. And what James has figured out better than anyone in the business is how to do that in a way where you actually get paid to do it and paid well to do it so that you still are getting your impact out there.

You’re actually reaching more people and having more influence in the world. And you do it incredibly well. You bring a lot of really good guest speakers that not only inspire and motivate. They really educate you on many aspects of this business. I don’t know what you read or where you hang out but you know so much stuff it’s really incredible. I always learn from him every time I’m with him and I’ve spoken – I think it’s the third or fourth time I’ve been here doing this.

James: Yeah, we did the training together in Maui.

Jack: We did the training together in Maui. That was fabulous. We were doing one of our executive retreats there and we talked about these kinds of issues as well. We’ve empowered a lot of people. So if you’re thinking about wanting to take your career to the next level then I would encourage you to get involved with James’ work and come to one of his trainings. And he does coaching as well and he does a lot of great things. It really makes a big difference in the world. So walk or run, if you have to crawl or get a bicycle, whatever it is, get on a plane and come participate with James. I promise you you’ll be glad you did.

David Martin Shares His Life Changing Experience from Attending a Big Money Speaker Boot Camp

Hi, I am illusionist David Martin as see on the hit TV show, America’s Got Talent on NBC. I am here with the James Malinchak, Big Money Speaker conference. I got to tell you this has been a life changing experience. This is my first boot camp here with James Malinchak and I got to tell you it was the greatest investment ever, I have ever spent on my career. This is life changing, the content here. The first day I was blown away. You’ve got to be here to believe it because it is the best marketing training in the industry. James Malinchak is the modern PT Barnum of marketing guys, he is amazing. You’re going to learn so much about everything, about branding your business, to sales, and every aspect. So remember, the magic is within the heart, you can believe it you can achieve it. So don’t forget, check out the magic of because the magic is within all of us.