Brett Davenport Shares Why He Keeps Coming Back to James Malinchak’s Mastermind Group

Hello. My name is Brett Davenport and I’m from Upstate New York. I have had the distinct privilege to be here at James Malinchak’s Mastermind group. This is my third year. I’ve been to, let’s see, nine Masterminds, and I’ve got to tell you, every time I leave one of these, I pick up so many ideas, it’s hard to focus on just one. But I’m dealing with professionals from all walks of life, all types of skill sets, and we’re there for one purpose, and that’s to help everybody become successful.

Michael Palumbos Says James Malinchak’s Mastermind Group Will Make a Huge Impact to Your Business

Hi. Michael Palumbos from Rochester, New York, James Malinchak’s Mastermind session is my fourth one and it was phenomenal. One of the things that I took away is we train financial advisers and we have not offered continuing education credits for our services and we can do that. And that was one of the other folks at the Mastermind helped me put that together. It’s going to be a huge impact on our business. Thanks James.

Darren Johnson Endorses James Malinchak’s Mastermind Group

Hey. I’m Darren Johnson from Clermont, Florida, I’m here in Las Vegas at my second Mastermind and they are unbelievable. Just do it.

Larry Berg Shares Why James Malinchak’s Mastermind Group is the Best

My name is Larry Berg. I’m from the Chicago area and I’ve been, this is my second Mastermind with James Malinchak. I’ve been in many different Mastermind groups and one of the things I like about this Mastermind group that makes it different from every other Mastermind group I’ve been in is the quality of participants bring a much higher level of expertise for ideas and implementation ideas that you have for your business. So that’s the thing I like most about this Mastermind group.

Dr. Chandler George Shares Why He Keeps Coming Back To James Malinchak

Hey. I’m Dr. Chandler George. I’m from Dallas, Texas. This is, I think, my ninth Mastermind. I’ve been in Coaching Club for three years. Mainly what I get from Masterminds is the private brain trust where I can try out all my ideas in a safe environment and see how they work with other fabulous entrepreneurs and many times it does work. So everyone needs to have a Mastermind coach.

Jon Le Tocq Endorses Professional Speaker James Malinchak’s Mastermind Group

Hi. I’m Jon Le Tocq, come all the way from the UK and absolutely fantastic event at James Malinchak Masterminding. Like I said, I’ve come a very long way. It has been
worth every single penny. Not just the knowledge that James is passing on, but also being able to Mastermind with a lot of people from outside my industry. I’m getting
loads of fresh ideas and it’s clarified a lot of stuff for me and also got rid of a lot of crap that I was going to be doing. So now, I’m totally focused on exactly what I need to do now.

Brad Korn Shares the Reason You Have to go to a James Malinchak Mastermind Group

Hey. Coach Korn here, Brad Korn from Kansas City of Basically, I just want to talk to you about Masterminds for a second. You know what a Mastermind is. It’s a bunch of smart people that get together and they share ideas. Here’s what I’ll tell you about a Mastermind. You’ve heard this before. You’re the average of the six people you hang around. When you come to a Malinchak Mastermind event, I’m telling you the people that we hang around in these rooms are unbelievable. I want to be half of the average of the group that I’m hanging out with. The ideas are unbelievable. So you’ve got to get into Masterminds. If you really want to get some meat, get some actual plans from people that are out there doing it every day. Masterminds will make it happen for you.

Jeff Dousharm Cannot Say Enough Great Things About James Malinchak’s Mastermind Group

Hi. I’m Jeff Dousharm from Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m here at my second Mastermind with James Malinchak from and I can’t say enough great things about James. He’s already been my coach and mentor, and now, coming to the Masterminds has just been another huge part of that overall relationship. So, I’ve got an opportunity not just to connect with James, Davy, Cindy and everyone in the team, but also other great business leaders and speakers that are here. They’re sharing their experiences and sharing their knowledge with me. And so this has been a huge value-added activity, value-added event for me. It has been a great two days. So James, thank you so much.

Danny Brassell Recommends James Malinchak Mastermind Group as Valuable for Your Business

Hi. I’m Danny Brassell, America’s Leading Reading Ambassador. I’m from Redondo Beach, California. You can look at more information about me at, that’s I love coming to the James Malinchak Masterminds. Probably what I like the most about it is because I find myself more concerned about everybody else’s problems than my own, and in the process of giving, that’s when I get my best ideas. So I can’t stress enough how valuable the James Malinchak Mastermind is.

Russell Depersia endorses Big Money Speaker James Malinchak’s Mastermind Group

I’m Russell Depersia. I’m a criminal defense attorney in Camden, New Jersey. I also started a company called And I just want to comment today about the Mastermind. I’m here in Nevada. We’re outside Las Vegas and doing a session right now. I want to thank James for all his efforts for putting this together. It’s a really strong benefit to each individual here because all these great minds are coming together and throwing all their thoughts and ideas on the table. They all come from different types of businesses. You get to see different ideas and perspectives that’s really very helpful and productive to everybody that’s taking part today. I want to thank you again, James.