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Jack:    Hi! I'm Jack Canfield. You probably know me as Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and author of the book The Success Principles. You may have seen me in The Secret. I am here with James Malinchak at his multi-million dollar home in Las Vegas. I had a great time being here this morning. We played basketball and pool. We're having a good time. Two old jocks. But anyway'

James:     And Jack kicked my butt in pool by the way.

Jack:    You regained your self esteem in basketball. But anyway, I just wanted to share with you this idea with you that it has been fun being here with him and if you're thinking about working with him in one of his coaching programs, coming to one of his seminars I want to highly, highly, highly recommend it. I am 65 years old. How old are you?

James:    I am 39.

Jack:     Thirty-nine. We got about almost a 26 year age difference.

James:    Yea, yea!

Jack:     And I consider James one of my teachers. I call him up quite regularly and Say, 'Hey! I'd like to know more about this. I heard you're doing that. Would you tell me about it?' He is generous, he teaches everything, he gives it away to you. I mean he holds nothing back and if you want to take your life to the next level whether you're a speaker, author, an entrepreneur or you just want to have your life work better this is one of the guys you want to work with.

James:     It would be an honor to work with you and lets kick some butt.

-Jack Canfield

"Hey! You may not know who I am but I am Dr. Bill Dorfman from ABC's Extreme Makeover and currently on the CBS show The Doctors. I just got out of James Malinchak's Boot Camp and I got to say it is a great, great opportunity. Not only will you learn tons of things that you'll need for your business but you will meet great people. You will interact and you will network with people that you would not see elsewhere and it is a great experience. Plus, he has a great heart. He let me talk about my LEAP Foundation. You wouldn't believe this. We raised over $100,000 in donations just from people sitting in the audience. You've got to go to this boot camp. There is nothing like it out there and I guarantee you'll love it."

-Bill Dorfman

"Hi! This is Bill Glazer. I am President of Glazer-Kennedy Insider Circle and I wanted to just spend a minute or two and tell you about James Malinchak. You know the thing about James Malinchak that I really like about him is not only is he a great coach in teaching people how to get into the professional speaking business but James Malinchak recently won our 2008-2009 Marketer of the Year Award. And the reason why he won that is not because he can be a great speaking coach but he is so well rounded that he can really help and coach entrepreneurs in any walk of life on how to really grow their businesses. So he is fully dimensional and really if you seek him out and work with him you've made a great pick."

-Bill Glazer

"The ONLY Boot Camp You'll Ever Need!"

Brendon Burchard "If you come to this Boot Camp, it's the ONLY Boot Camp you'll ever need. I wish I had taken this 5 years ago because I would have absolutely exceeded what I have done in the last 5 years.

Absolutely, if you are going to attend one seminar, this Boot Camp is the one you NEED to attend!"

-Brendon Burchard
Author of Life's Golden Ticket

Alison Babb "Hi! I'm Alison Babb from GoodByeCorporateJob.com and I just want to say that we are about 3 days into James Malinchak's teleseminar, it is absolutely awesome. Oh my goodness! The content is just unbelievable, just unbelievable. You have to be here, you have to be here to grab all of this stuff. It is absolutely awesome. Show up."

-Alison Babb

Ed Rush "Hello! This is Ed Rush from the National Basketball Association, former official and director of officials. Hey I just finished completing the James Malinchak Speakers Boot Camp, a WOW experience. When I came here to Los Angeles to be very frank with you I really didn't have any idea as to what I was getting in to or what kind of material was going to be put in front of me, but as the first day progressed I realized that this was very impactful information and I was being surrounded by a lot of very positive people who had a high level of belief in what they were doing, who were willing to share their ideas. But, James' leadership, his upfront skills, his ability to lead people into a focus into what they were doing to help them in their speaking career was just absolutely amazing. So, there were many ah-ha moments for me and there were many WOW moments for me. A great time here in Los Angeles at the James Malinchak Speakers Boot Camp."

-Ed Rush, Sr.
National Basketball Association

George Campbell "Hi! I'm George Campbell also known as Joe Malarkey and when James asked me to come and speak at his boot camp I was very excited because number one it's a speaking engagement but as it turned out this is the only event that I have ever spoken at that I came in 2 days early and stayed 1 day after because I wanted the information that he had here. And, I enjoy getting a speaking fee, but I earned way more than that in the information that I got. I cannot recommend it enough."

-George Campbell
The World's Worst Motivational Speaker

Jeff Hockings "Hi! This is Dr. Jeff Hockings out of Palm Springs, California. I am here at the Glazer-Kennedy event where James Malinchak was just voted...there are 1200 people here and he was voted out of 80 finalists as the Marketer of the Year."

"I just wanted to give my recommendation and a testimonial about James. I actually was in James' higher level coaching program where I got more of James' time. I am telling with the direct response and what I have learned from James last year 3 of my businesses combined did over 2 million dollars and that is just from the stuff that I learned from James. I am telling you this guy knows his stuff."

"If you're looking for somebody that can show you how to grow your business, your speaking business, anything involved with business or entrepreneurship James is the guy. There are very few people that I endorse and I am telling you this guy has become a very good friend of mine not only because of the character that he has, but also because he has helped me put more money in my bank account. My wife likes that. My daughter likes that and I like that."

"If you're looking for somebody to help you grow your business and put more money into your bank account I can't think of a better guy than James Malinchak. Whatever he says to do, do it and it will be the most important thing that you've ever done in your life for your business."

Dr. Jeff Hockings
Palm Springs, California

Mari Smith "Hello there. This is Mari Smith at MariSmith.com and I am a social media expert and I have the absolute honor and pleasure of being here at James Malinchak's Big Money Speaker Boot Camp. I tell you there are a lot of events out there and I certainly attend a lot and I speak at a lot, what James shows you is not just how to speak, but how to make a lot of money speaking and doing what you love in your niche and your passion. Do you know what's interesting? A lot of people just how you have a book in you, you have a speaker in you and James is the one to show you how to manifest that dream and realize your dreams as a speaker and as a very wealthy speaker so definitely check out his boot camps."

-Mari Smith

Mike Super "Hey everybody! It is Mike Super standing with the one and only James Malinchak. I am here at the absolute best boot camp in the universe. You need to get here and let me tell you why. I'm a magician and this man amazes me. I do card tricks, but he changes lives so make sure you come to the boot camp with James Malinchak."

-Mike Super
Winner of NBC's Hit TV Show Phenomenon

"Top College Speaker Says It's the BEST!"

Rick Barnes "This Boot Camp has been one of the BEST PROGRAMS I've been a part of since I started speaking! It gave me new money-making ideas, new thoughts and new things to plan for the future as I move forward with my career!"

-Rick Barnes (Fort Worth, TX)
One of America's Top College Speakers for the Fraternity
& Sorority Market
(Performs 70+ College Talks a Year for High Fees)

"Better Than a $15,000 Speaker Training!"

Dusty Robertson "The Boot Camp is one of the BEST things I've done! I recently spent $15,000 on speaker training and I should have attended this first!"

-Dusty Robertson (Orlando, FL)

"NFL Football Player Says It's the BEST"

Fred Stokes "Coming to this Boot Camp was the greatest thing that has happened to me in my speaking career! Don't miss out on this Boot Camp!"

-Fred Stokes (Vidalia, GA) Played 10 years in the NFL Superbowl XXVI Champion with the Washington Redskins

"Save You From Making Major Mistakes!"

Michael "This was one of the most AWESOME seminars I've ever taken!...Extremely informative! Unbelievable! The one thing I've gotten more than anything is that I learned I've been doing a lot of things wrong and how I can simply change them to doing a lot of things right!"

-Michael "Extreme Mike"McKellar (Atlanta, GA) Emmy Nominated TV Personality ' NSA Member Referred by Tom Antion (Top Internet Marketer for Speakers)

"Absolutely the BEST Speaker Training EVER!"

Dion Jordan "As I'm writing the check for the Boot Camp registration, I thought to myself, 'This is NOT enough money for what James has taught me and the amount of money he has saved me!"

The Boot Camp was ABSOLUTELY the BEST Speaker Training Ever! I'm referring 4-other speakers for your next Boot Camp!"

-Dion Jordan (Portland, OR)
Has Appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show

"Worth Every Cent of the Fee!"

Tony Magee When you come to this Boot Camp it's the REAL deal and it's worth every cent of the fee and worth every moment of your time!

Finally, someone who speaks the TRUTH about speaking and how to make serious money!"

Forget about all of those other people who basically leave you unfulfilled. James is a GURU with a very real system for making a ton of money speaking in ANY market!

James' Boot Camp pays for itself 20 times over!"

-Tony Magee (Los Angeles, CA) (Referred by Jonathan Sprinkles)

"EVERY Speaker Needs to Attend!"

Nita Scoggan "I went to THREE Boot Camps and they just keep getting better! This is something EVERY speaker needs to attend!...Extremely Valuable!"

-Nita Scoggan (Bedford, IN) - NSA Member

"A Friend & Mentor for Life!"

Susie Gallucci "James Malinchak is a man of character; a man that people can look up to and aspire to be like. He completely over delivers in every area and if you go to this Boot Camp you will not only meet James Malinchak the man, but you will have a friend and mentor for life!"

-Susie Gallucci (Colorado Springs, CO)
Attended 3 Boot Camps

"Worth 10 Times the Amount!"

Tim Piccirillo "This seminar was worth 10 times the amount! There were literally hundreds of marketing ideas that work well in the college market, but also any speaking market...It's just a phenomenal seminar...I learned a long time ago if you're going to break into a new market, learn from the best...and James is the best!

Anybody who doesn't come to a James Malinchak Speaking Boot Camp, should have their head examined!"

-Tim Piccirillo (Ridgway, PA) - NSA Member

"Could Easily Go for $10,000!"

Aaron Davis "This seminar could easily go for $10,000'easily! If you land just a few talks you've already paid for it. The information James provides is priceless and WILL MAKE YOU A LOT OF MONEY!

ames is literally giving away tens-of-thousands of dollars of information for a price that you just can't beat'you won't beat!'he's giving it away!...so I would HIGHLY recommend it!

If you come to this Boot Camp, guaranteed YOU WILL MAKE thousands of dollars in engagements if you apply what he talks about!"

-Aaron Davis (Lincoln, NE) - NSA Member

"Worth $50,000!"

Tim Cusack "I am way more critical than you can imagine. Every cent I spent on attending the Boot Camp is very value-oriented and I think the price of the Boot Camp should increase because it's REALLY worth it!"

-Tim Cusack (Grand Rapids, MI)
NSA Member
(pictured with wife Anne)

"Worth $50,000!"

Sandra Aker "James' Boot Camp is worth at least $50,000 to my business!

Don't sit there and procrastinate. Sign up! You won't regret it and will be thankful that you did!"

-Sandra Aker (San Clemente, CA)

Jack Canfield says:
"It's Worth More Than Anything You Will Pay for It!"

Jack Canfield "I want to strongly endorse James Malinchak's Boot Camp and encourage you to attend!.....It's worth more than anything you will ever pay for it!.....You'll get your money back within a week or two just from the practical application of the things you're going to learn!

It's an amazing experience!.....If this cost what it is worth, no one would be able to afford it!....There's so much information and so much practical knowledge that is applicable instantly!.....It's not inspiration.....it's not hype.....it's nuts-and-bolts training to help you double and triple your impact!

If you're thinking about taking this training, stop thinking, sign up and enroll now and in a year from now you're going to be thanking me and everyone else who told you to come here!

So do it now!"

Jack Canfield (Co-Creator of the #1 Best-selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul) and his recent Best-seller, The Success Principles, and Star of the Movie The Secret, teaching Speakers at a recent College Speaking Success Boot Camp.

"The BEST...Worth More Than Fee!"

Bill Swetmon "The 3-ring binder that James put together, along with the handouts alone, is worth more than the registration fee!

I've been in the speaking industry for several years and have been to a lot of conferences. This is by far the BEST I've EVER ATTENDED!

There are SO many great ideas...I have about 3 or 4 that are going to make me quite a bit of money!"

-Bill Swetmon (Dallas, TX) ' NSA Member

"I Was Skeptical - But Then I Was Blown Away!"

James Green "As a New Yorker I am a skeptic. I was skeptical coming here, but I have to tell you that I have learned more here about marketing and publicity than I ever thought I would.

I have been BLOWN AWAY and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND and Program that James does!"

-James Green (Shoreham, NY)

"AWESOME...Actual 'How To' Steps!"

Justin Lookadoo "I've been through just about every seminar there is talking about 'how to'...but nobody actually tells you how to do anything! This was AWESOME about actual practical steps ...just going down 1-2-3...this worked...this didn't work... just incredible stuff about actually 'how to' so we can walk out, and instead of just thinking about it, we can actually do something...it's AWESOME!"

-Justin Lookadoo (Nashville, TN) ' NSA Member

"No Question'Well Worth It!"

Marshall Miller "Things have been going REALLY well since the Boot Camp. Next semester will be our BUSIEST EVER! We frequently refer back to what we learned in the Boot Camp. In fact, we even adopted a phrase we often refer to when we're faced with a business decision: WWJD (What Would James Do?)

There is absolutely NO question the Boot Camp investment was well worth it. James is truly willing to open his mind, his books and his heart to share what he's learned about how to be successful in the speaking industry.

I've told James that if he EVER has a skeptical potential attendee, tell them to talk to me before deciding not to attend!"

-Marshall Miller (Albany, NY) Sex and Relationship Educator

"James Malinchak is one of the best speakers, trainers, teachers of coaching and speaking in the world today!"

Marshall Miller "James Malinchak is one of the best speakers, trainers, teachers of coaching and speaking in the world today. You can learn more from a seminar with James, from getting involved in James's in his platinum club circle than you can all by yourself working for years and years and years. So if you want to shorten your learning curve, dramatically increase your income and your results and your success with speaking, you've got to get involved with James."

-Brian Tracy, Top selling author of over 45 books, Has Addressed more than 4,000,000 people in 4,000 talks and seminars throughout the US, Canada and 40 other countries worldwide.

"James Produces Results!"

Marshall Miller "I've been speaking for about 15 to 17 years and I plan on being a coaching member for life. Why? Because James produces results! First time I came to him I learned so many things that I have already implemented that have taken my business to another level. I want more of what he's got."

-Francine Ward, NSA Member with 15 Years Professional Speaking Experience

"There's stuff here that James revealed that I've never, ever heard any other speaker or seen revealed at any other boot camp!"

Marshall Miller "I had the privilege of being here at the Millionaire Speaker boot camp and it was just absolutely fabulous. There's stuff here that James revealed that I've never, ever heard any other speaker or seen revealed at any other boot camp. So if you want to learn how to make big money and how to influence your audience, James is the guy that I recommend....If you want to learn how to make big money as a speaker and influence people, James is your guy. So just take my word and just do it."

-Marlene Green, President Millionaire BlueprintsTM Magazine (N.Y./N.J.) and Chapter Director of Glazer Kennedy Insider CircleTM Manhattan, NY.

"One of the key things that I learned that I'm definitely going to be able to implement in my business is how to actually earn a Million Dollars!"

Marshall Miller "I am a youth college and corporate speaker, and I learned a ton of information this weekend. One of the key things that I learned that I'm definitely going to be able to implement in my business is how to actually earn a million dollars. This has been my goal and now I actually have the steps thanks to James in which I can earn this in three years. So definitely come to a James Malinchak event."

-Lakendrick Wilson, Collierville, TN

"As an event promoter...there is only one person I send them to and that's Mr. James Malinchak!"

Marshall Miller "As an event promoter and also a person that owns a marketing company that works with many different speakers, I've had the experience where I've worked with people from motivation to health and fitness to the real estate industry behind the scenes. And when I need to teach them how to learn to speak from a stage and sell to make money and make a presentation that I know gets results, there is only one person I send them to and that's Mr. James Malinchak. If you want to learn to be an affective speaker, there's a lot of resources you can to, but if you want to learn how to be effective and make money, then there's only one resource you need. It's worth your time to make an investment in not only your business and yourself with Mr. James Malinchak and it will make the biggest difference and you will be happy you did it. So just do it."

-Kendra Ceceita, Beverly, MA

"Worth Millions and Millions of Dollars!"

Marshall Miller "I'm always a little skeptical when I meet an expert, because it seems like everybody's an expert. Three years ago, getting to know James, I had something really, really powerful happen. James became my go to person. I am a speaker, I do a lot of speaking and when I get asked to speak somewhere, James is the first person I contact. Because I want for me to see my strategy, my tips, even if I'm going to go to an event, I want to know everything that can maximize my profit and give me the best returns both from client base and money when I'm on stage. So do yourself a huge favor, make James your go to person. He's got it going on and you want to know what's in his head, because it's worth millions and millions of dollars in your pocket."

-Melanie Benson Strick, the Entrepreneur Success Coach Sherman Oaks, CA

" Even NBA World Champion Coach Says James Is the Best!"

Marshall Miller "Hey I'm Doc Rivers. I'm the Head Coach of the Boston Celtics, World Champs. Listen, obviously, for our run, we needed inspiration. If you need it, this is your man. James is the best. I should have used you more before the championship. But I'm serious, absolutely terrific, I've read his book and it's great. Great stuff. It will help you."

-Doc Rivers, Head Coach of The World Champion Boston Celtics