Hey, it’s Craig Gauthier, www.therobeguy.com. I am from Ottawa, Canada, one of James’ Platinum members and I just finished my one day coaching session with him. I mean what can I say, the guy is a genius. Not only did he kick my butt in basketball, but he gave me some great tips on how to get my business started and how to brand it. I mean in almost one minute, the light bulb went off and you could see his brain working. He said this is what you’ve got to do. He gave me some action steps to implement so I’m ready to go home. I am pretty jazzed up about it and I’m pretty excited to commit to what he has told me because I mean, he lives this stuff. I’ve been to his house. You know, unbelievable person, unbelievable guy and he knows what he is talking about. I highly recommended the Platinum Coaching Program. I mean, I would have paid, you know, a hundred times what I actually did together, a chance of one-on-one to meet with him and to work with him. So James thanks so much. You’re the best!

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