“Hi! I’m Croix Sather. I’m from New York, USA. You can find me at my website lifebydesign.com, lifexdesign.com. I’m here with James Malinchak at the Big Money Speaker® Boot Camp and the reason you need to be here is because you’re going to gain not only the marketing experience that you need, the marketing knowledge, the business knowledge, the backend knowledge, how to teach from the stage, how to sell from the stage but what I gained most out of this weekend is the clarity, the clarity of my brand, clarity of my unique positioning and that in itself will help me get on more stages and will help me get more jobs and sell more and make more money. So that is the reason that I think you need to be here is to gain the clarity that you need as a speaker so that you can make more money and get on more stages and empower the world and change the world with your message. I’m a Big Money Speaker®.”

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