Hi! My name is Dan Cricks. I’m with Great Results Marketing, www.greatresultsmarketing.com, and I’m also known as the Auto Repair Coach, that’s autorepaircoac.com. I’m here at James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker Boot Camp. And I’ll tell you what, I came in December and I took away 15 things from December that I implemented and immediately turned in the money for me, absolutely phenomenal. I didn’t come here looking for speaker information but I took 15 things away. This is only day two of this trip here and the amount of stuff I am taking away is absolutely unbelievable.

When I was here in December, I joined James’ coaching group. And a lot of times people come and ask me. They say, “Hey, was that worth it?” Well, you know what, after the first session it was worth what I’m paying for the whole year, absolutely phenomenal. If you haven’t attended one of James events, you should, okay? You should come here and attend his events and you’ll walk away with more than you could ever imagine in just one event.

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