Hi, this is Dave Espino with www.moremoneynews.com and I’m totally excited at the Big Money Speaker Boot Camp that James Malinchak is putting on here in LA. I’m totally excited because for many people that come here they want to learn the inside secrets to being a great speaker and I don’t actually speak. I’ve been on TV, I’ve been on infomercials but I don’t actually go out and speak to groups or anything.

But one of the things I do get from the Big Money Speaker Boot Camp is it’s like a business retreat. I get to spend four days away just focusing on my business and James gives so many incredible tips and so many incredible basic marketing strategies, fundamentals of marketing, that it’s totally exciting what he does for everyone here. Everyone that comes to the Malinchak boot camp is just blown away by how much he over delivers and how much excitement they get from the tips and the techniques and the strategies and all the methods that he has proven in the real world that are just amazing.

And it’s like reading a good book for the second time or the third time. You’ll never actually get the same thing that you got the first time, the second time, the third time. You’ll actually end up picking up new things every single time you come. So I strongly recommend if you have any interest at all in being successful in business, you want to be at the James Malinchak Big Money Speaker Boot Camp.

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