Hey! I’m David Jesiolowski originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I was a professional hockey player for six years. I retired from doing that and I’m here at the Big Money Speaker Boot Camp and I just want to let everybody know that what I’ve gotten from this camp is that I do wholeheartedly believe while no single event is guaranteed to change the trajectory of your life but this event has. And the Bible says without a vision the people perish and this has really given me the opportunity to have a true vision of who I truly want to be as a speaker. I always have a passion for sharing my information and story and experience with other people. And James has given me the opportunity to really take the first step towards being able to share that vision with other people and have a systematic process.

I wholeheartedly believe without systems and processes habits become extinct. And so this is going to be something that’s going to give me the opportunity to not only build on the system and the process that he has given us here but building habits for the future and become the person that I know I’m capable of being.

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