Hi. I’m David Phelps from Dallas, Texas, owner and founder of David Phelps International and discoverfreedomhere.com. I’m here at one of my James Malinchak Mastermind groups. Now I’ve been in Masterminds now for several years. I’ve heard about Mastermind groups before from Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, but I’ve never understood what they were all about until I got involved in one myself. I go to Masterminds several times a year now and the key thing is you get so much out of them because you have people from all different areas of business, all different areas of expertise and experience that come together and really just focus on your specific business. You bring one or two main challenges to the group and you’d be amazed at the feedback you get back. And again, it’s not from your own industry, not from your own niche. That’s the key thing. People come from all different areas. The amount of relationships, networking and contact I get and take back to put into my business, that grows my business, I can tell you I got more value from Masterminding than anything else I’ve done, any events, any books I’ve read. It’s just the power of the group, the power of the brain thrust you have in that room. I can’t encourage you enough to get involved in a Mastermind group. If you want to grow your business to get ahead, to reach those goals that maybe you’ve been struggling to reach, to get through the barriers that have kept you from reaching your optimum potential, do it now, do it today. You’ll be so glad that you did.

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