“Hi! I’m David Seagraves. I’m the author of Uncommon Hero at www.UncommonHeroBook.com. I just want to let you know. this is probably the most impressive, James Malinchak is the most impressive person I’ve ever seen on stage when it comes to talking about practical applications to running a business, public speaking, merchandising, web and email and marketing development, internet development, everything that you need to know to be in business and be successful at it he knows how to do it. I can only tell you that this is my second Boot Camp. I continue to come because I think it actually makes the most sense. You learn something every single time. It’s not what the Boot Camp does for you but what you do for yourself when you’re at the Boot Camp because the Boot Camp is actually identical every four times but it’s actually so strong that you actually learn more every single time around. I highly recommend you coming back and if you actually haven’t been here before definitely show up.”

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