Hi! Debra Faris Ms. Linked-In and out of Hermosa Beach, California. This is actually my 3rd event with James Malinchak and I started about a year ago and let’s put it this way. I got off my duff and I’m doing a book called Linked-In for College Students and since then I actually have mentored college students at Loyola Marymount which is exciting. I have also created my own Boot Camp which is Are You Losing Money by Not Knowing How to Maximize Your Linked-In? So I have learned a lot from James but I’ve got to tell you. if you’ve got a book in your heart or even had the thought of that being a possibility this is where you need to be. If you do have a book but you haven’t been getting the speaking engagements this is where you need to be. Anyway with no other further to say if you’re not at James Malinchak’s next event you’re missing a huge opportunity and a lot of money. Again, signing out Deborah Faris, Ms. Linked-In. bye-bye for now.

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