Hi guys! My name is Erik Swanson. I’m the Habitude Warrior coach. What I do is I represent and I teach people how to be in charge of their attitudes and their habits all day long. It’s awesome. What I’m really excited about today is I’m here at my friend’s boot camp, James Malinchak. James is one of the best coaches that I know.

He’s what they call the coach’s coach. So all of us if you have a speaking career, if you’re trying to get into the speaking career, if you have a book, if you don’t have book, whoever you are, if you’re trying to get to that next level, what I call “plateauing,” if you’re plateauing and you’re trying to go around and get out of the competitors way which is you – I always teach my clients that, that we’re always in our own way. We are our biggest competitors.

So if you get to a place and invest in yourself, I highly, highly recommend Malinchak’s boot camp. If you don’t do something like this to yourself then you might be really hindering your success and growth patterns. It’s almost like this like Eckhart Tolle talks about the universe. No matter what, we’re rotating 365 days a year and if you’re not rotating with it, are you staying stagnant or are you really going backwards? I highly recommend it. You’ve got my vote, James. You rock.

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