Hi there! It’s www.georgeiracarroll.com helping coaches and change agents unleashed their bad ass. And I’m here at day four at James Malinchak’s four-day boot camp, Big Money Speaker. I mean just the amount of ideas that I got over the last four days has been incredible. The different speakers – Jack Canfield, Joe Theismann – had just given me also renewed inspiration to go into my business a little bit differently.

Over the course of the four days, James teaches value. Everything that he’s delivered to us has been over the top. I didn’t expect so much value and so much content coming through but right now I got so many to-do’s on my checklist that, man, it’s going to be tough to keep up with. So if you’re looking to grow your speaking business and you want to grow a seminar business, you do a workshop and just connect with a ton of amazing entrepreneurs, coaches, business leaders, thought leaders, come to this event. It will blow your mind. It will exceed all of your expectations and James is just an absolute bad ass. So, thank you James.

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