Hi. This is Greg O’Donnell, founder of www.bfd-usa.com. In one of the Masterminds, James Malinchak’s Masterminds, tonight, it’s been very exciting. I just stepped up to kind of a higher level one with a smaller group. Love it. We just finished my presentation and I’ve come up with some tremendous ideas out of it. It couldn’t have been any better. Really keeping me focused. I did my one-on-one with James just about a month ago, come to the Mastermind, and everything is really, really coming together really, really strong on our whole plan. Very excited about it. Almost finished with our first book. Got our brochure out. Got our first live event next week in Minneapolis. So, everything’s going perfect for us and couldn’t be more excited about what we’re doing here and what’s coming out of the Mastermind.

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