How to Become a Public Speaker-Creating Titles

- Why do some titles sell very well and some do not?

- Why is it that some of your ‘speech’ titles never get booked?

- How can you get more people to invest in your products and services?

I asked Davy Tyburski, my Chief Operating Officer, to shoot some ‘behind the scenes’ footage during a recent Mastermind meeting where I was teaching my private, VIP coaching members inside strategies and techniques on How to Become a Public Speaker. In this video, I reveal one of the secrets to creating titles, and I even cover a few titles that have proven themselves over the years!

Here’s the link directly to the video-

What is one reason why Chicken Soup for the Soul has done so well over the years?

What about…Rich Dad Poor Dad?

This video will reveal one of the keys to the questions I often get asked, How do I Become a Public Speaker?

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Remember to make your title all about “what they want.” As a public speaker, you likely have a topic that you’re passionate about and that you think everyone could benefit from. The problem with this is that if they don’t think they NEED the information on your topic, they likely won’t hire you or invest in your book!

You can use the title to help them perceive a need for your topic. The wrapping paper or packaging on your speech (or book) needs to be appealing to what they want and you can put what you know they need inside the package.

Post a comment below. I’d love to hear your “Big Money Speaker” story! Share your favorite titles with me, think in images!

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