Jack: Hi, I’m Jack Canfield. You may know me as the co-author for the Chicken Soup for The Soul series, the book Success Principles, and as a featured teacher in the movie The Secret. I’m here with my good friend and colleague, we’ve authored the book together, a wonderful guy, James Malinchak, and he is doing his work Big Money Speaker Boot Camp. Learn how to monetize this message that you have for the world.

Most of us have messages where we want to make a difference, if we want to change the world in some way, uplift people, empower people, to live their dreams whether it’s speaker, an author, a coach, a trainer, whatever it might be. And what James has figured out better than anyone in the business is how to do that in a way where you actually get paid to do it and paid well to do it so that you still are getting your impact out there.

You’re actually reaching more people and having more influence in the world. And you do it incredibly well. You bring a lot of really good guest speakers that not only inspire and motivate. They really educate you on many aspects of this business. I don’t know what you read or where you hang out but you know so much stuff it’s really incredible. I always learn from him every time I’m with him and I’ve spoken – I think it’s the third or fourth time I’ve been here doing this.

James: Yeah, we did the training together in Maui.

Jack: We did the training together in Maui. That was fabulous. We were doing one of our executive retreats there and we talked about these kinds of issues as well. We’ve empowered a lot of people. So if you’re thinking about wanting to take your career to the next level then I would encourage you to get involved with James’ work and come to one of his trainings. And he does coaching as well and he does a lot of great things. It really makes a big difference in the world. So walk or run, if you have to crawl or get a bicycle, whatever it is, get on a plane and come participate with James. I promise you you’ll be glad you did.

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