Hi. I’m Jill Lublin and I’ve been in James’ Mastermind program for four years. And let me just say, I’m an international speaker and three-time best-selling author and I am out in the world a lot all the time teaching publicity. What I love about James’ Mastermind and why I keep coming back is because it’s about the connections, it’s about creating real contacts, it’s about creating real money. And I tell you, I sit there and in the first ten minutes of a Mastermind, for instance today, I got three great ideas that I can implement immediately. In fact, I typically do an action sheet list and I take it back from James and I can start implementing within 30 days typically five great ideas immediately. Like from the last Mastermind, I immediately did a new marketing postcard. I immediately created thank you cards and notes, and I celebritized myself with all these great pictures that have been sitting in my phone with fabulous people, and put them all together in new banners and new postcards and new kinds of marketing materials. And I’m so grateful to James for showing me new things to do all the time. Mix it up, match it up, and come out shining with some very focused, profit-creating ideas. Thank you so much, James. I’ll be re-upping again.

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