Hey. I’m Jonathan Sprinkles, your Connection Coach from Houston, Texas, founder of presentationpowerbootcamp.com. Well look, I’m not a big athlete. What kind of athlete would I be like with a name like Sprinkles on the back? But I do love football and I do know that when you watch football, you have an offensive coordinator, you have a defensive coordinator, you have a linebacker’s coach, you have a receiver’s coach, a running back coach, you have all these different coaches, and then you have the head coach, all for one thing: so that the team can advance toward the goal. Well, if it’s good for football and basketball and baseball and every other major profession where there’s millions of dollars on the line, why aren’t you also doing the same thing for yourself? You should have a team of people. If you’re good, it’ll make you great. If you’re already doing great, it’ll make you even better to surround yourself with people who have the income, the lifestyle and all the answers figured out that you want. That’s what I do. That’s why I’m here time after time, and I want to see you here.

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