Hi. I’m Julie Renee Doering, Miraculous Living. My website, www.julierenee.com, and I’m a miraculous healer. And I chose to be with James Malinchak at his Masterminds because James really helps you sort out who you are and what you’re contributing to the world and he helps you get your message out. And the Masterminds are so incredible because the bar keeps raising as you align yourselves with all the people in the room. And I’m an energy healer; so of course, I’m going to talk about that. You’re going to play a bigger and bigger and bigger game in life and you get to contribute on such a major scale. And I’m so excited today because I’ve just signed a television deal with a global station, so I will be appearing globally and that is really thanks to James Malinchak and the Mastermind program.

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