Hi, I’m Linda Van Kessler. We’re the founders of Passions 4 Life vitamins and also Passion 4 KIDS charity. And we met James in January and we were very impressed with his speech. And I heard about this boot camp and knew we had to come to learn more from someone who is very successful in the field. And he certainly didn’t disappoint. It’s been a wonderful, wonderful event and we would recommend anybody to come to it because his level of knowledge is just really unsurpassed. Most people don’t give that much of themselves like he gave and so we really, really are appreciative and look forward to working with him some more.

And I’m Charles Van Kessler. I’m the founder and creator of Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins and minerals and also the founder of Passion 4 KIDS, our local charity in San Diego. We had the pleasure of meeting James during our Ken McArthur JV Alert in San Diego a little while ago and I’ll tell you I had extremely mixed feelings. I couldn’t figure this guy out at all. But I can tell you now, James, you’re awesome. You’re the man. The way you come across here during these first two days of the seminar, your incredible enthusiasm, your knowledge, your kindness, your heart wanting to help people, we are so impressed. God Bless you!

Thank you, James! Thank you.

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