Hi! I’m Lisa Jing, founder of synergyatwork.biz, and I’m here at James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker event and I’m having an amazing time. As a trainer and speaker I tend to go to a lot of different kinds of events and I have to say that James is one of the most impressive of all the events that I have ever attended.

What I’m most impressed with is the incredible content, wonderful speakers, wonderful content that is easily digestible, clearly laid out and just perfectly presented, really incredible. If you’re interested in being a speaker, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of all of James expertise and knowledge.

And then another aspect of this event that I didn’t quite anticipate is the caliber of the networking. It’s always great to have these kinds of opportunities to bring like-minded people together, people that are taking charge of their lives. This event is particularly unique and the caliber of the people I’ve met I met some wonderful people that I know are going to result in some really workable strategic alliances and various types of relationships that will further my business and theirs as well.

So, I encourage you. Be here and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities. I’m really glad I came.

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