I am Reverend Maria Dancing Hart-Hoaglund. I am from Sedona, Arizona. My website is changewithcourage.com. And I came to spend this wonderful weekend with James Malinchak because I am a little stuck in my business. I do death and dying hospice work and I’ve written a couple of books but they’re not getting out into the world they way I’d like. So I thought I received actually a freebie ticket to come to this Big Money Speaker event and I thought I’m just going to do it. And it’s a little bit of a risk but I can tell you—I have been here two days now and it has been wonderful. The last session, my mind was just swimming with all these ideas that I could incorporate into my business which I will when I get home. And I’m also thinking actually that I’d like to have James work with me because I just see his ability to help people expand and make the money you need. So that then, you can give it back and share it with the world. So I’m just thrilled to be here and I encourage any of you who may feel a little stuck in your entrepreneurship to come and meet James.

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