Hello everybody! I am Michael Dorsey. I am from NBC’s The Biggest Loser and I am here at James Malinchak’s speaker’s boot camp and I have been wanting to be at this boot camp for several years. And so for me to actually be here is definitely an incredible experience. Just the first day blew me away like I had to go back to my room and just take a quick nap. I just couldn’t fathom everything that was spoken just about how I need to start looking at me as a speaker and a way of looking at it as a business, not just as speaking in general.

So I’m definitely excited about taking a lot of these principles back with me to Baltimore. I’ll definitely look at the things that I’m doing in a different way now. I’m really excited about the possibilities. So thank you, James for everything that you’ve given so far. We’re not even halfway there yet so I’m excited.

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