“Hi! This is Mike Crow with coachblueprint.com. One of the things I try to do is help other people create their own niche coaching program. Now, I go way back with James and I will tell you that I’ve been sitting in Mastermind groups with him and Bill Glazer and every time I get the chance to meet with James, one of the biggest things that I understand and have come to known is that how genuine, how down to earth he is, and how hard he works in trying to make sure that he gives people a lot of great content, a lot of great information, making sure that they walk away being over-delivered to in what they’re looking for. It’s amazing when you sit behind the scenes with somebody. You get to find out who they really are. The coolest thing about James is he’s real. You need to be here. You need to see what James has to teach. It will help make you a lot of money as well. And the truth is I’m a Big Money Speaker®.”

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