Hey there! Mike Fritz is here, America’s Funniest Leadership Speaker, www.mikefritz.net, author of the best-selling book Great Student Leaders Aren’t Born They’re Made. Hey, I’m here at the Big Money Speaker Boot Camp learning from one of I believe the greatest speaker-trainers in the world, James Malinchak.

And the reason he’s the best is because he focuses on what makes you money. A lot of people train you how to speak and the presentation skills – it’s all important. However, somebody has got to step up and teach us speakers in the industry how to market and position ourselves so we can really, really get our message out there. And there is nobody better than James Malinchak.

I’ve learned from a lot of teachers, read over 1500 books on self-improvement in the self-improvement industry. Nobody does it better, nobody cares about people more, and nobody wants you to succeed more than James. You’ve got to come to James Malinchak’s boot camp, bigmoneyspeaker.com. He is great. I love him so dearly. And if you don’t coach with him, you’re making a big, big mistake.

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