Hi everyone my name is Monique Washington, moniquewashington.com. I am very excited to be here at James Malinchak’s Boot Camp, Big Money Speaker Boot Camp. James Malinchak and his staff are wonderful. This is my third of fourth boot camp and I am really elated because I finally finished my book. Thanks to James’ encouragement by not having the perfect book but to finish your book. And my book is completed it is called Who is Your God? A simple guide to help you avoid making a God out of your positions. The website is whoisyourgodbook.com. Thank you James for being a great spirit, thank you for having a platform for us to get information. I’m forever learning and I am hear to learn and I am here to give back and always paying it forward. Thank you James, I’ll see you next time. And everyone, come to Big Money Speaker. You are going to get encouraged, your going to get inspired and it takes action to finish whatever you want to do.

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