Hi! I’m Monti Washington, a loud-mouthed kid from the streets with a pocketful of hope and a heart full of dreams. I’m here at James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker Boot Camp and it’s amazing all the things I’m learning. It just got what I’m talking about: A-ha moments. An A-ha moment I took was I’m an actor. I just did some national commercials. I did a few small movies and I never thought to infuse that with my speaking. So I always wanted to keep that separate.

And when I’m looking at James, ABC Secret Millionaire, I’m like “A-ha, this guy is using that to his full advantage to add to what he calls his celebrity appeal” and that’s the exact same thing I’m about to do along with the million other A-ha moments in the things that I’ve learned just on day three. And I actually missed yesterday so I got to go get some notes and everything. So I highly recommend it. Come here. It’s going to change your life – Monique Washington, loud-mouthed kid from the streets.

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