Hello, Steve Sipress here from stevesipress.com! That will teach me to have a crazy spelling of a name. Anyway, I’m here at James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker Boot Camp. I’m here for the second time and I’ve got to tell you I am a straight talk Steve, no BS guy. I run my own events. However , the reason I’m here is because James Malinchak runs pretty much the best events there are – best people, best content, and of course James himself, one of the best guys on earth.

So I keep coming back for more and every time. Even though I’m here just to be at an event of course I meet more fantastic people, I learn more from James even though his going through the stuff again and again. You just can’t beat it. So if you’re thinking, gee, you’re on a limited budget maybe you can’t go through all these events, make sure you put this on your calendar. If there’s one event a year you go to, make sure it’s a James Malinchak event.

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