Hi. My name is Yoram Baltinester. I’m from San Diego. I’m founder of www.decisiveactionworkshops.com. This is my second Mastermind meeting with James Malinchak bigspeakerbootcamp.com. No, that’s Big Money Speaker, right, .com? bigmoneyspeaker.com, and I can’t start telling you about the value that the Mastermind meetings are giving me. There is no place where you can get locked up in a room for a day and a half and get that many great advice from like-minded entrepreneurs who are doing the same thing. They are struggling with the same questions and they are coming up with creative ideas. And I’ve jotted down many creative ideas. If I implement 10% of these ideas, I’d be way ahead than I would ever have been without the Mastermind meetings. So I highly recommend these Mastermind meetings and good luck.

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