How to Get a TON of Bookings From Your Speaking Contract!

When I’m teaching speakers in my live Big Money Speaker® events, online trainings and home study courses, I often spend a considerable amount of time teaching unique ways they never thought of for attracting new and repeat business.

Why? Because, there are some simple, yet powerful strategies that, when applied, can immediately increase the number of speaking engagements you receive.

Here is one of those Big Money Speaker® strategies that I highly suggest you IMMEDIATELY implement!  Did you catch that?  IMMEDIATELY!

Don’t just read about this strategy, use it IMMEDIATELY because it is magical for generating new business.

This Big Money Speaker® strategy is what I call…

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“The Malinchak Contract Referral Clause”

Why did I name it this? Because, it came to me out of thin air one evening in the very beginning of my speaking career when I was reading a contract.

When it came hit me, I IMMEDIATELY added it to my speaking contract. I didn’t procrastinate and think about it. I took action! And, let me tell you, it instantly became magical.

I have used it ever since to this very day and have taught it to numerous new, established and experienced speakers, even some of the biggest names in the speaking industry, and they, too, have all agreed it is one of the greatest strategies they have ever learned.

And, I sincerely believe that you will agree it is magical if you TAKE ACTION by IMMEDIATELY using it.

Here it is…

“The Malinchak Contract Referral Clause” is simply a clause you add to your speaking contract that contractually commits the person booking you to refer you other potential bookings.

Ahhh, bet you never thought about something like this!

And, the clause even has an additional line that contractually commits event coordinators to provide you with typed testimonial letters after your presentations.

Not only can this clause potentially increase your referral and spin-off bookings, it can also help to eliminate you continuously pursuing event coordinators asking for testimonial letters after events.

In my actual live events, online trainings and home study courses, I give all participants a full manual with several of my personal pre-written documents that you can literally copy word-for-word and use for yourself. How easy is that!

Because you are reading this, I’m going to share it with you so you can use it. Let me be very clear by saying, I am not a lawyer and this does not constitute any type of legal advice whatsoever.

This is a sample only and I highly recommend that you seek proper legal counsel when dealing with any/all contracts, agreements, negotiations, etc.

Here is the actual clause that I use in my speaking agreement:

“If program is satisfactory, event coordinator agrees to provide speaker with the names and contact information of two associates whose groups may benefit from booking the speaker and agrees to provide a typed testimonial letter on group, organization or company letterhead stating a few positive comments about the presentation within 14 days after the event.”

I hope this helps you to think differently, like a Big Money Speaker® because doing so can transform your business and life!

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