What Spending 4-Days With the Greatest Basketball Player of All-Time – Michael Jordan – Reminded Me About 3 KEYS for Becoming a Big Money Speaker®!

I had the honor and privilege of spending 4-days at the Mirage Resort in Las Vegas with Michael Jordan and an incredible group of other top achievers consisting of several of the top college and NBA basketball coaches.

Accompanying me to MJ’s event were Wally Malinchak (my brother) and Cindy McLane (my sister and Executive Assistant), which made it a great family experience.

The picture of Cindy and I with Michael cracks me up as she was so nervous when she first met MJ. I almost had to remind Cindy to speak when Michael started talking to her as she looked as though she was literally going to faint (LOL– only joking!)

Being around Michael caused me to realize three important factors that relate to becoming a Big Money Speaker®.


The first realization was the “feeling” received from being around Michael

Although I have been around numerous celebrities, it’s still a different feeling being around Michael. You can tell you are in the presence of a legend and one of the greatest athletes of all-time!  Can’t explain it, but it’s definitely different.

And if you think about anything related to Michael and his brand, the feeling is much different than others (competitors) doing similar promotion and marketing of their brands.

That’s when it hit me, meaning the importance of creating the right “feeling” for buyers when they think about your products, services, positioning, branding and, especially, marketing.

I see so many speakers, authors, trainers, coaches, consultants, seminar leaders and entrepreneurs who just “throw” anything out to the public that doesn’t create a memorable and unique feeling for themselves.

I’ve said it for years, selling and influence – whether it’s selling yourself, a product or service – is all about one thing: FEELING!

It is about how you make people feel about yourself, your products and services. That’s it!

(2) The second realization that immediately entered
my mind when thinking about being around MJ was
the “promotion” behind the marketing of Michael

I’ve also said for years that…

“If nobody knows about you, they can’t buy you, your products or services!”

Whether you like it or not, you MUST be a promoter of yourself!

Michael Jordan understands it…KISS Rocker Gene Simmons understands it…Singer Madonna understands it…Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali understood it…and, I certainly understand it!

You don’t have to like or agree with the promotion any of us mentioned do, but you must observe it, study it and, most importantly, you MUST USE similar ideas for yourself!

How true this is, especially when it comes to your speaking business!


Don’t ever forget that!

You must, on a consistent and continuous basis, focus on promoting and marketing you, your products and services ALL OF THE TIME!  When is it okay to let up? NEVER!  That’s THE one thing you never stop!

  • you never stop promoting yourself and your speaking services
    during each presentation
  • you never stop mailing brochures to event coordinators
  • you never stop gathering testimonial letters
  • you never stop updating your website
  • you never stop creating new info-products
  • you never stop learning from coaches
  • you never stop attending speaker-marketing trainings
  • you never stop joining Mastermind Coaching Groups
  • you never stop networking your way in with Centers of Influence
  • you never stop (you get the picture)!

It’s not a question of whether or not promotion and marketing works. It works for any niche in any market for one simple reason:

(3) The third realization I had is about the amount of criticism Michael received from colleagues about the promotion and marketing of himself and his brand

Other players, agents, managers, etc., were quick to offer their negative criticism, but that never derailed his efforts.

The same is true for Gene Simmons, Madonna, Muhammad Ali, and, yes, even me.

And not once has any type of criticism ever derailed any of us from continuous promotion and marketing of our brands.

Stop worrying about what colleagues are thinking because they don’t buy from you – prospects do.

Here’s a little secret:

You will always have colleagues who criticize, talk about you, your promotion, your marketing methods, your style, your delivery, your “whatever!”

If I told you how many speakers started criticizing me when I first began sharing my “speaker-marketing-secrets,” or how many offered criticism when ABC TV invited me to be featured on the “Secret Millionaire” TV show, your head would spin.

Truth-be-told, they were simply jealous that I was the one (not them) who had thousands of people coming to learn speaker-marketing from me and that I was the one (not them) ABC chose to feature on worldwide television.

Ironically, I can’t tell you how many of those same colleagues who started criticizing have, now, begged me for help after seeing what I have done to help others with their careers.

As long as you’re honest, ethical and coming from a place of true service when you’re promoting and marketing yourself, then you can’t worry about what jealous colleagues are saying because of the way you are promoting and marketing yourself.

Now, go promote and market your great value consistently and continuously and create a “feeling” that attracts buyers!


Wealth Quote:

 “A Key to Wealth Is Leverage. Leveraging Your Time, Money, Knowledge and Relationships!”

 -James Malinchak

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